Natural Remedies For Penile Dysfunction


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Erectile dysfunction is a condition that impedes a man’s ability to get and/or maintain an erection. Due to the nature of this condition, many men often develop problems with their sexual performance. This condition is more common in older men, however does affect men of any mature age.

While most men do see medical attention for erectile dysfunction, most get treatment in the form of medications. Medications that work to correct impotence do end up working for some men, though others who might experience ED might not see good results.

Alternative treatments might work best for these men. In fact, many penile dysfunction remedies have all natural origins that make them more suitable for men who can’t use traditional medicine. In this short article, we’re going to take a look at several all natural remedies that help men with ED resolve their problems with impotency.


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A look at natural erectile dysfunction remedies

L-arginine is a known type of amino acid that the body produces in order to create what’s known as nitric oxide, a bodily substance that helps stimulate the smooth muscles around blood vessels. This essentially helps the blood vessels dilate, increasing blood flow in the body. The relaxation of smooth muscle in the penile region is what helps the penis maintain an erection.

This amino acid is typically found in foods like meats (red meats, poultry, fish) and in supplement form (capsule and pills). As of now, there are only two studies that have successfully evaluated the effectiveness of L-arginine for treating ED in men.

Gingko, a type of herb, is used for the treatment of impotence in men who develop the condition as a result of taking antidepressants on a daily basis. Much like L-arginine, gingko helps stimulate the smooth muscle around blood vessels, subsequently increasing blood flow within the penile region.

The mineral zinc is another supplement that can help men treat their problems with erectile dysfunction. Zinc supplements are known to help restore the body’s natural supply of the mineral, as zinc deficiencies have been linked to the development of ED in men.

Ashwagandha is a type of Indian herb that’s known to help increase stamina, energy and enhance sexual function. It hasn’t, however, been proven to help treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Not all natural impotence remedies are safe to use. Another supplement derived from nature is yohimbe bark, which contains the yohimbe compound that helps stimulate blood flow in the penis, in addition to increasing one’s libido and sexual performance.

Many medical experts recommend against using yohimbe as a supplement, as it’s known to be potentially dangerous in any dose.


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What Viagra Won’t Do



As the first anti-ED (erectile dysfunction) drug on the market, and the longest in production, Viagra really shouldn’t need too much advertising and publicity, some might say. It has a proven track record in treating ED (the inability to create and maintain an erection) for the majority of men, and without side effects in many cases. But with new competition that has arisen from the de-patenting of Viagra and its active ingredient sildenafil, plus with Cialis and Levitra oral ED treatments making gains, some online pharmacies are making sensational and inaccurate claims about the drug.

One says that Viagra will give you the hardest erections you have ever experienced. No. What it can do is match the best erections you have ever had naturally (perhaps in your youth?) It cannot create something greater than what you have with the “equipment” you have had since maturity.  And you do not need a “rock-hard” erection in order to satisfy yourself and your partner. If it was that hard it is likely that there will be less feeling in your penis and that defeats one of the main points of sexual activity to achieve an orgasm.

A second claim is that you will be hard all night and available to satisfy your partner all through the night. No. The drug will only work with physical stimulation, and once sexual activity has been completed, the erection should subside. It may be that with physical stimulation you’ll be ready again in a few hours, but your erection should subside between sex sessions. If it doesn’t you’d be in trouble.  A permanent erection is called priapism and can permanently damage your penis. If this happens- you have an erection which won’t go away- get to A&E quickly.



Thirdly, Viagra doesn’t impact upon your libido. Your degree of sexual interest will remain exactly the same. If you are “randy” and want sex a lot, that will continue. If you have more modest sexual desires, fine. Viagra will not make you into a raging sex maniac. It only works when you are sexually aroused with physical sensations- in other words touching and kissing. Your desire to engage in sex is governed by the amount of testosterone in your body as well as your general sexual psychological make-up.

Fourthly, the effect of the ED treatment is not immediate. Just like an aspirin, the active ingredient needs to be absorbed into your bloodstream. That will take about 45 minutes, or longer if you have had a fatty meal. Any claims that you take a tablet and bang- here’s an instant erection- are false.

The word “safe” is often over-used when describing the drug in adverts. The drug is relatively safe if taken in accordance with instructions, and as prescribed by your GP or a qualified online clinician. If taken with other types of drugs, or if you have certain medical conditions, the drug is unsuitable. The word “safe” can also lead one to believe that Viagra can be used to have safe sex, or act as a barrier to conception. No and No. It does not prevent you from contracting an STD (sexually transmitted disease), HIV or Hepatitis. Nor does it stop any sperm from orgasm fertilising an egg. You’ll need a condom to prevent these occurrences.

Buying Viagra Online


The internet- the information superhighway as it used to be called- is packed full of the good, the not so good, and the downright dodgy. Just as you could come a cropper if you buy music, or clothes, or holidays, or electrical equipment online, you could experience disappointment if you order Viagra online.

A recent trawl though hundreds of sites offering Viagra and other ED (erectile dysfunction) remedies revealed to me that while some were clearly professional, long-established, and well-run businesses, some were not.

Here are some examples of sites where misleading and downright erroneous information was given about Viagra and ED treatments.

“Viagra (and Levitra and Cialis) is a long-term cure for ED”. That is misleading. If you use an oral ED pill like Viagra in accordance with the instructions and as advised by your doctor, it can ensure that when you engage in sexual activity you will achieve a penile erection and have satisfactory sex. But it is not a “cure” as such. It does not change your body permanently so that you never experience ED again. Viagra is a treatment “taken as required”. That means that when you plan to have sex you take the pill to temporarily treat the ED. You can even take one a day without long-term effects, and thereby never again experience ED- but you are not “cured” of ED.

I also came across articles written about ED that were in such bad English that parts were nonsensical, and others parts misleading. These articles may have been writing by a person for whom English is not their primary language, and who struggles with sentence construction, verb usage, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. Or it may have been translated, badly, from another language. But if you come across these articles I would treat the whole site with great suspicion. Any online pharmacy worth its salt would take great pains to ensure that the information presented there is medically correct and in good English.

I have also seen sites that claim that Viagra can affect your brain and libido and make you sex-hungry. In other words it acts as an aphrodisiac. Viagra does not do that. It requires a man to be physically stimulated in order for the drug to have its effect.


Finally, beware of cheap imitations. “Herbal” ED remedies have names sounding like Viagra, but they do not contain the key active ingredient, sildenafil, or contain it in such small proportions that taking the pill will have a disappointing effect. Beware of any site that doesn’t have a registered address, a telephone number for consultation or customer service, or has only sprung up overnight. There are reliable trusted pharmacy sites on the internet with qualified medical staff ready to discuss your ED treatment with you. Make sure you use them and you won’t be ripped off!

What is Viagra and How Does it Work?

Erectile Dysfunction is highly prevalent and is closely linked with age such that approximately 40% of males aged 40 suffer from it rising to around 70% of 70 year olds. There are many other factors that can also lead to irregular or permanent problems; these can include stress, heart disease and diabetes Fortunately for most men there is no need to suffer from the distress caused by erectile dysfunction.

Pharmacy2u Viagra has been hailed, by some, as the “insurance pill” and has helped many men obtain the pleasure of satisfying, anxiety-free sexual intercourse.Viagra comes in pills of varying strength and works by encouraging the release of nitric oxide in the body replicating what happens with a normal arousal. The Nitric oxide relaxes the muscles in the penis which allows for an increase in the accumulation of blood to the penis resulting in an increase in penile rigidity.

It is recommended that Viagra is taken not less than 30 minutes before sex. Please note that for Viagra to work there must be some sexual desire/arousal and that it is unlikely that Viagra will work in cases where there has been damage to the nerves in the penis as a result of a prostatectomy or diabetes.

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